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Information for CTEC Students

Cover for Alberta Class 6 Drivers Manual (Download PDF Link)
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Alberta Class 6 (Motorcycle) Licence Information

As of January 2009, the province of Alberta introduced a on-road motorcycle test to replace the previous on-lot test available at many motorcycle schools. Until then, Alberta was the only Canadian jurisdiction that allowed a Class 6 motorcycle licence to be issued without an on-road test conducted in a traffic environment. This on-road test remains in addition to a Class 6 knowledge exam that must be completed successfully at an Alberta Registry office before attempting the on-road exam.

The new licence test is approximately 45 minutes in duration, including 10-15 minutes of explanation by the examiner on testing procedures and safety considerations. Additionally, examiners will first assess the "road readiness" of the examinee before venturing into traffic. During the exam, the examiner will use a one-way radio system to keep in constant communication with the examinee, allowing them to warn of any immediate dangers should any arise.

Cover for Alberta Basic Drivers Manual (Download PDF Link)
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(PDF version)

A complete on-road exam must start and finish at an Alberta Registry office, or a certified motorcycle school. This consideration recognizes that some examinees do not have access to a motorcycle for testing purposes, or do not have any legal way of transporting one to a Registry office. CTEC is a fully certified course in Alberta, and as part of the course fee, students have access to a number of road-ready motorcycles that are identical to the motorcycles they train with during the course instruction.

For more information regarding the Class 6 licence test, or any other class of licence manual in Alberta, please consult the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Transportation website. The Rider's Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing (web version) is also available online or can be picked up, in person, at some Alberta Registry offices. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail (

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Students! Join our Facebook Group

We at CTEC are always trying to improve the quality of our courses, but we can't do it alone. We think that one thing that sets us apart from other schools, is constant and on-going communication with past students. If you were a student of any of our courses and would like to submit a testimonial, we would love to hear from you! Please e-mail your comments to or visit our Facebook Group. Your comments may even be featured on our website, or in future CTEC promotional material. CTEC courses are constantly evolving, so we need all the feedback from students that we can get, but most of all, we welcome it as an opportunity to keep in touch with all of our students, past, present and future!

Motorcycle Insurance

We are constantly asked who to go with for Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta, and the suggestion we always make is: call everyone! Make sure you get all the information you can to make a well informed decision when getting the best rate and the best coverage available to you on the bike you want to ride.

Sanjay Chada Business Card - Cell 403-383-0444 | Direct 403-539-9507 | Fax 403-253-1922

If you really pushed us hard to give you a name, we'd point you to one of our friends. An agent who learned to ride from us! Sanjay Chada at Lundgren & Young Insurance Ltd. ( As a CTEC grad, Sanjay is a must-call for your insurance needs.

Blue Circle Logo (Link to Blue Circle)

Another call should be our friends at Blue Circle Insurance. Blue Circle offers some benifits of being a member of THE CLUB that we simply have not seen anywhere else. Be sure to give them a call, when you are looking for coverage, and make sure to mention you were a CTEC grad.

CTEC Student Discounts

CTEC Rider Training Students have unique access to higher than usual discounts in the industry. We feel very fortunate in having a deeply rooted connection to the local motorcycle industry. We are very thankful for the longtime support from local dealerships, wholesalers, racing organizations, registries, past students, and so many more. CTEC and our partnered dealers would like to pass on these discounts to you.

CTEC students will have access to the largest discounts available to any rider training students. The following is a list of links to our strong supporters:

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