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Instructor Profiles

We like to think that CTEC is one of, if not, the best motorcycle training course available in Canada. A main reason for this is the quality of instructors. Our instructors have well over 30 years of consecutive instructing experience, training tens upon thousands of students the joy of safe motorcycle riding, and are continually held to the highest of standards each and every time they take on a course of new students. Here is a list profiling just some of the remarkable talent and experience on staff at CTEC.

Erik deJong


Instructor - Erik deJong

Erik began his riding career in 2004 with the NAIT Rider Training course designed and run by CTEC course creator, and head instructor, James McCarthy. He had always an interest in anything with an engine, particularly import sports cars, but wanted to experience the open road in a way that he knew only a motorcycle could provide. The time on course was amazing, and by the end of it Erik was sure of two things: one, armed with his newly developed skills, he was confident and ready to hit the road on two wheels, and two, he would be back... as an instructor!

After he purchased his first motorcycle, a 2000 Yamaha R6, Erik honed his riding skills on the roads of Alberta and at track nights, whenever time would allow it. He also got a taste for riding out of the country during a winter trip to Phoenix with his wife, Joanne, a fellow CTEC rider training graduate. Erik began to get involved with the local bike community, and found everyone he met to be very friendly and eager to tell stories of great rides and good bike keeping.

When the time finally came to become an instructor, Erik felt compelled to train with the best in the business. In 2010, Erik contacted his mentor James McCarthy who had just left NAIT to create the new and exciting CTEC Rider Training. Erik says he loves to instruct because he likes to meet new people, while helping them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. He also likes to help people realize just how much fun riding motorcycles can be.

Outside of CTEC, Erik is currently a graduate student and Sessional Instructor at the University of Alberta, he recently completed a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and is now working towards his PhD. He also enjoys electronics, particularly video games, though he's usually too busy with school work (and riding) to play as much as he'd like to.

Erik and his girlfriend, Joanne, on a recent bike trip in Phoenix, December 2010.

Erik and his wife, Joanne, on a winter bike trip in Phoenix, December 2010.

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Last Updated: June 26, 2015