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Instructor Profiles

We like to think that CTEC is one of, if not, the best motorcycle training course available in Canada. A main reason for this is the quality of instructors. Our instructors have well over 30 years of consecutive instructing experience, training tens upon thousands of students the joy of safe motorcycle riding, and are continually held to the highest of standards each and every time they take on a course of new students. Here is a list profiling just some of the remarkable talent and experience on staff at CTEC.

Gary Stroich

Course Co-Creator

Instructor - May Wong

Gary was 11 when he got his first bike and been riding ever since (another 40 years), but it wasn't until the early 90's that he became involve in motorcycle rider training.

He started with the Edmonton Safety Council (now the Alberta Safety Council) as an instructor in 1993 and through to 2003, rose to the position of Supervising Chief Instructor for the Alberta Safety Council. In 2003, NAIT provided Gary and James a unique opportunity to create a new motorcycle rider training program from scratch. After researching training programs worldwide, Gary and James were able to incorporate the best of the best into a brand new program which included rider education as well as just training. A dedicated student manual on motorcycle riding was developed to compliment the practical training which now included team teaching allowing for riders to experience substantially increased riding time and rider feedback.

The next six years at NAIT saw the evolution of this original and unique program into one of the most well recognized motorcycle rider training programs. During this time, James and Gary were also able to create a new process of evaluating, training and continually improving motorcycle instructors to ensure educational competency, content delivery, student feedback excellence, teaching creativity, riding skills and professionalism while maintaining the highest respect for students.

In November of 2009 Gary and James were given carte blanche by Dwain Freisen at the Canadian Traffic Education Centre (CTEC) to design and implement the best possible motorcycle rider training program which included on road rider training and the ability to test with the new Alberta Transportation 2009 regulations. The new CTEC program is the culmination of research, 19 years of rider and instructor training, motorcycling experience and creativity providing the best in rider training in North America. Gary has also been involved in providing expertise to the Alberta Government, rider training in Inuvik, riding camera bikes for marathon race coverage, and supporting local motorcycle related charity events. Gary has owned, dirt bikes, standards, adventure and sports bikes. Gary is usually seen on his Electra Glide while cruising around Edmonton, Western Canada and the US.

Gary has a passion for education and continually strives for self improvement for both himself , students and his fellow instructors.

Gary has several degrees including Architecture and is currently an Instructor with a the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

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Last Updated: June 26, 2015