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Instructor Profiles

We like to think that CTEC is one of, if not, the best motorcycle training course available in Canada. A main reason for this is the quality of instructors. Our instructors have well over 30 years of consecutive instructing experience, training tens upon thousands of students the joy of safe motorcycle riding, and are continually held to the highest of standards each and every time they take on a course of new students. Here is a list profiling just some of the remarkable talent and experience on staff at CTEC.

Zubin Sologar


Intructor - Zubin Sologar

When Zubin was old enough to ride down to the local 7-11 in Red Deer and spend his own money, he bought three things - Star Wars cards, a slurpee, and his first motorcycle magazine. That summer, his first ride was as a gleeful 7 year old squashed against the tank of a Can-Am dirtbike when a neighbour's dad gave all the kids on the block a ride. Scroll ahead to 1983, Zubin fell in love with the look and legend behind the new Honda 750 Interceptor. He was 13. At 19, he bought his first bike - that Pearl White/Red 1983 Interceptor that filled his dreams. He learned to ride motorcycles through the infamous School of Hard Knocks, located on back roads and darkened alleys and then discovered that there was a better, safer way to enjoy the sport for a lifetime - rider training. Somewhere around 2006 (he remembers his first date with his wife Jessica, but never what year he actually got married), Zubin started instructing with the Alberta Safety Council to fulfill his passion to teach new riders and help them begin their riding careers safely.

Over the years, Zubin's love for motorcycling and his career have found interesting ways to intersect. As a Registered Respiratory Therapist for almost 20 years, Zubin has managed both private and publicly traded oxygen companies. He provides respiratory care to both adults and children, the chronically ill and those facing the challenges of a host of rapidly progressive diseases. As both a rider and through corporate sponsorship, he supports Cystic Fibrosis Canada and the Edmonton Chapter's Annual Motorcycle Ride for Breath. He loves that his two greatest interests outside his family can come together to help those which chronic disease to live longer lives and breathe more easily. He is also involved in Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Reduction for patients as well as corporate initiatives and partnerships with public health, student education and non-profit organizations.

With two devilishly inquisitive young boys at home, Zubin spend his summer evenings riding around Edmonton on a Honda VFR 800 Interceptor, soaking up our short riding season with all the wonderful things the festival city that is Edmonton can offer.

In late 2011, Zubin approached James McCarthy at CTEC, asking to join what he felt was the most supportive and dynamic rider training experience available. He asked to bring his experience to students at CTEC and learn from a cadre of professional instructors who he considers second to none. A great attitude, a passionate commitment to motorcycling and to community combined with a drive to hone both his riding and teaching skills - that's what brings Zubin to CTEC!

Zubin Sologar on his bike

Zubin on his current bike, a Honda VFR

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Last Updated: June 26, 2015