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Instructor Profiles

We like to think that CTEC is one of, if not, the best motorcycle training course available in Canada. A main reason for this is the quality of instructors. Our instructors have well over 30 years of consecutive instructing experience, training tens upon thousands of students the joy of safe motorcycle riding, and are continually held to the highest of standards each and every time they take on a course of new students. Here is a list profiling just some of the remarkable talent and experience on staff at CTEC.

Brian Readman

Senior Instructor

Instructor - Brian Readman

Brian started riding at the age of twelve on his brother's 125 cc Honda. As a teenager, Brian spent a great deal of time on motorcycles and developed a serious passion for two wheels.

When family and a long career with the police interrupted his riding, Brian finally returned to the sport 25 years later. Brian never lost his passion for riding and became a "retread" in 1997.

Brian took a motorcycle rider training course and realized riding enjoyment increases when riding knowledge and skill increases.

Successfully completed four additional courses including advanced riding and even a race school, Brian is always willing to learn more through courses and literature review. And since Brian is always willing to learn, at the age of 57, Brian was taught how to intentionally do a "stoppie" by an ex professional motorcycle stunter. Brian's execution of the "stoppie" was flawless and the 12 o'clock position of his rear wheel was proof enough it was indeed perfect. The landing however, was not so perfect. Still, Brian is always willing to explore the limits of motorcycling.

Brian volunteered as a Race director for Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association (EMRA) for three years. During those years Brian enjoyed turning laps a several different racing motorcycles.

The desire to contribute to the safety and riding enjoyment of others lead Brian into the instruction of motorcycle rider training. Brian started instructing motorcycle rider training in 2001. Have instructed at Alberta Safety Council, NAIT and now at CTEC. Brian believes that CTEC Rider Training is where the best program and highest level of instruction is offered.

Brian has also instructed physical skills with the Edmonton Police Service and internationally at the Jordanian International Police Training Centre.

Brian often mentions how fortunate he is to have a wife that is also passionate about riding motorcycles as this joint passion has lead to many adventures around the world.

Having previously enjoyed motorcycle touring in Thailand and the Mojave Desert. Brian would never pass up an opportunity to rent motorcycles which included trips around Las Vegas and Phoenix. Brian takes regular touring holidays to the mountains and the US West coast.

Most of all, though, Brian is a firm believer that riding all kinds on bikes in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions add to the overall enjoyment of riding, rather than detract from, as so many people tend to belive.

Brian takes a minute to stop and take a snapshot during a trip through the Mojave Desert

Brian takes a minute to stop and take a snapshot during a trip through the Mojave Desert

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Last Updated: June 26, 2015