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Instructor Profiles

We like to think that CTEC is one of, if not, the best motorcycle training course available in Canada. A main reason for this is the quality of instructors. Our instructors have well over 30 years of consecutive instructing experience, training tens upon thousands of students the joy of safe motorcycle riding, and are continually held to the highest of standards each and every time they take on a course of new students. Here is a list profiling just some of the remarkable talent and experience on staff at CTEC.

Martin Forster


Instructor - Martin Forster

Martin started motorcycling in Southern BC at the age of 15, from then, he and his friends seemed to live on two wheels. Soon after, Martin started motocross racing through out western Canada. It wasn't long until Martin started placing and soon a trophy collection begun. Trials and Enduro riding was then added to the mix and filled out the very short riding season. To pay the bills and to help with racing costs, Martin stated a career as a professional Class 1 driver. Now, with over 30 years of commercial experience and many safety awards, Martin has seen a lot of what can happen on the roads, whether on 2 wheels or 18 wheels.

Martin's desire to learn includes an extensive list of activities such as private pilot, scuba instructor, fitness instructor, massage practitioner, Kempo black belt and building and sailing yachts. His greatest reward is sharing his passion for learning and seeing someone succeed at a task they thought they could never complete.

Currently Martin rides a Triumph Thunderbird Storm. He has a passion for all types and styles of motorcycles and is always willing to try a new machine when given the chance. Martin came to CTEC wanting to be the best Instructor and best rider he could be. To date, Martin has already taught hundreds of new riders and has ridden many motorcycles that would never have been made available to him otherwise.

Martin's dreams include sailing his almost completed 36ft sailboat in the south seas during the winter and teaching new motorcyclists here in Edmonton and area during the summer.

Martin making his best Motorcycle magazine pose on his stunning Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Martin making his best Motorcycle magazine pose on his stunning Triumph Thunderbird Storm

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Last Updated: June 26, 2015