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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the common questions asked by students in past years. If you have a specific question not listed within this Q&A, please feel free to contact CTEC at anytime.
Questions are grouped into two parts: Questions related to CTEC Courses, and Questions related to Motorcycle Licence Testing.

Questions about CTEC Rider Training

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Will we actually ride on the streets during the CTEC course?
Yes. Our street riding component is the most popular part of our training. We have several different types of motorcycles licensed for road use. Our street rides start in a low traffic density area and slowly builds into medium density traffic. Students always consider this part of the course the highlight since they get to put all of the skills to use in an actual road scenario. Our Instructors take every precaution to ensure safe and enjoyable street going experience.

I'm a shorter/taller rider; will you have bikes for me to learn on?
Yes. We have motorcycles specifically lowered and designed for shorter riders. As well, we'll have larger motorcycles available for taller/larger riders. We have trained many riders over the years from 4'8" to over 7' tall!.

Will I be yelled at? Is the training like a military boot camp?
No. The instructors are incredibly patient people with a passion for teaching new riders. They will treat you with a great amount of respect and will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.

Will I be the only female on course?
Not likely. In recent years we have seen females make up 43% of yearly student totals. It is not unusual to have and equal amount of female to male students on any given course.

What is the minimum age limit for training? What is the age range for students taking this course?
By law, 16 years old is the youngest we can train for testing. We have trained students from 16 to 81 years of age.

I already have a motorcycle. I've never ridden before but I would like to practice on it before taking the course. Is it better to have experience on my bike before taking your course?
We highly recommend against riding your bike until you have taken the course. In past training seasons, many students each year have had to cancel out of their course due to an injury related to trying out their new machines too soon. The majority of those injuries occurred within a short distance from their home, usually just meters away. We are highly trained professionals in the field of training brand new riders on up to seasoned riders. Please be patient and wait till after your course. You will have a much better understanding of your motorcycle and a great deal more confidence.

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What types of bikes does CTEC have?
We have several types of motorcycles available from sport bikes to cruisers to dual purpose motorcycles. You will train on the exact make and type of motorcycle you will be testing on. All students will have the opportunity to try all of the types and styles of motorcycle we have available. The majority of our fleet is the CBR 125, a fantastic bike to learn how to ride on, but we also also added to our fleet the new Honda CBR250, CRF250, and even a couple of CBR500R's..

What if I don't have my own helmet, gloves or riding jacket?
We encourage all students to provide their own riding gear; however, we are more than happy to provide you with riding gear if you do not have any yet. CTEC is happy to make available riding gear for students at no additional charge. We have a selection of Zoan helmets, Cortech leather riding gloves, and Tourmaster riding jackets. We have all sizes available. We are not able to supply riding footwear or rain riding gear.

Do you run motorcycle rider training when it rains?
Yes. We have taught thousands of students in rainy conditions. Students who are taught during rainy conditions often benefit greatly from the experience, gaining additional skills and techniques that some experienced riders never have. If it rains during your course, bring clothing that is appropriate for the weather, and consider it an opportunity to become an even better rider.

Questions about Motorcycle Licence Testing Procedure

Can I receive my Class 6 Licence directly from CTEC?
No, CTEC is a rider training school and cannot test it's own students. Only a Licenced Registry can provide testing for a Class 6 licence. However, CTEC will help facilitate students in the process, including offering students the use of a street legal motorcycle to test with, as well as riding gear if you need it. We've also partnered with a local registry: "The Registry" At Edmonton Motors to have On-Road testing begin and end at our course site.

Can I test for my motorcycle licence during the same two days of training?
No. A testing flow chart will be handed out to each student during the course. Testing must be arranged after the two days of training. Under no circumstance can testing occur on CTEC motorcycles within the two days of training.

Do I need to write my Class 6 written test before purchasing and booking my On-Road Test permit?
Yes. You must successfully complete the Class 6 written test prior to purchasing your Class 6 on road testing permit. You can write the Class 6 written test at any registry. The on road testing permit must be purchased at our partnered registry if you wish to make use of our motorcycles for testing.

Can I take my Class 6 Written/Knowledge test at any registry?
Yes, you can take the written test at any registry you wish. Testing questions are mostly based on rules of the road. Please read the Class 5 and 6 Provincial Manuals prior to testing.

If I take my Written/Knowledge test at one registry, do I have to book my On-Road Test with the same Registry?
No, upon completion of the Written/Knowledge test you will be given documentation that states you have succesfully completed the written portion of the examination. This documentation is valid for one year, and you can use it to book your On-Road test at any registry in Alberta.

Can I take my Class 6 Road test if I only have a Class 7 GDL Licence?
Yes, if you have held your Class 7 for more than one year and you are over the age of 16 years old. If you have not held a Class 7 for at least one full year, you will not be permitted to test. Please refer to the Class 5 and Class 6 manual as well as the Alberta Transportation website.

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Can I use the CTEC motorcycles for On-Road testing?
Yes. Only registered students of CTEC Motorcycle Rider Training may use CTEC motorcycles for testing. You must, however, book your On-Road test with CTEC's partnered registry. The examiner will then meet you at our course site at during the time you have booked with the registry.

If I would like to use a CTEC motorbike for my On-Road test, what is the waiting time from taking the CTEC New Rider Training course and booking my Class 6 On-Road test and actually testing?
Booking can be done at any time after the course. If you would like to use a CTEC motorbike for your On-Road test, you must book with CTEC's partnered registry "The Registry" At Edmonton Motors (in person). Testing can occur on either Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Wait times are subject, entirely, to both the examiner and the riders availability, but rarely exceeds 14 testing days after the course.

Is there any charge to use CTEC motorcycles for testing?
No. Students of CTEC rider training will never be required to pay for use of CTEC motorcycles for testing. If a student does not pass their test, they may use our motorcycles again until they pass at no additional charge for use of CTEC motorcycles. Testing and permit fees are always at the expense of the person testing. Testing and permit fees are never included in any CTEC course.

Do I have to book the motorcycle once I have booked my test through CTEC's partnered registry?
No. The examiners office will contact CTEC and let us know when you are testing. We will be there at least one hour before you test.

Will I get practice before my test?
Yes. All students will have 30 minutes hour of practice prior to testing. CTEC Instructors will be available at that time to answer any questions you may have prior to testing.

Once I have completed my Class 6 On-Road testing, am I legal to ride a motorcycle, on my own, right away?
No, you will need to reclassify your licence first to include your new Class of licence. If you have a Class 5 licence, you will now have a Class 5,6. If you have a Class 1 licence, you will now have a Class 1,6. Once your current licence is reclassified at the registry, you are now legal to ride a motorcycle on the street. *You must have your motorcycle registered and insured to be legal for the road.

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Last Updated: January 17, 2016