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Beginner Motorcycle Rider Training

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2 Day Course

Rider training is for everyone. From first time riders to experienced riding veterans, CTEC has the riding solution for you. CTEC is offering rider training designed by the most experienced and most respected motorcycle riding trainers in Alberta. These proven instructors have taught thousands of students from absolute basic, intermediate, advanced to full on-superbike racing. Their only concern is your success and they are very well known as the most patient, knowledgeable and adaptable instructors in North America. They all have the unique ability to adapt to your needs and help work towards your goals.

The CTEC Advantage

  • We provide motorcycles for training and testing at no additional charge
  • A regularly maintained motorcycle fleet
  • Our program has an "On-Road" component
  • No charge use of new riding equipment
  • Free, on-going, after training/spring tune-up sessions and seminars
  • Lowered motorcycles for all heights
  • No sit-down classroom time
  • Expert/Certified/Patient Instructors

The two-day course is for anyone looking to refresh their current skills or for those that are interested in obtaining a Class 6 motorcycle licence. This course is specifically designed to adapt to the needs of each student while ensuring that the foundational basics are explained, demonstrated and then put into practice.

While many courses keep you in 1st and 2nd gear, our students actually get past 2nd, 3rd, 4th and even into 5th gear. As well, we actually leave the training area for real on-road practice on our licenced motorcycles. We start in low density traffic and slowly work our way into medium to higher density traffic.

Testing is also available from our course site on our motorcycles. CTEC never charges extra for continued practice, or for use of our motorcycles when testing. All CTEC Rider Training students can continue to practice and train on our motorcycles until they have reached their goals. Practice times are available every day we are on site. Practice times and testing procedures are discussed during our course.

"As someone who has been involved as an educator and trainer in fire, rescue and emergency services for many years, I understand very well the need to ensure students receive effective instruction as they may need to deal with life and death situations. It is with this experience that I say the instructors that delivered the training on the weekend; [The instructors] were extremely professional and truly amazing! These trainers have the unique ability to educate, demonstrate and transfer to the students the very challenging skills necessary to ride a motorcycle with confidence and in a safe manner. [The Instructors] treated the students with the utmost respect while ensuring we understood and were able to demonstrate the skills being taught. I especially appreciated the relaxed and stimulating environment they created as they went about ensuring the learning was fun and fulfilling."

Dave H

Picture of Students

Since riding is mostly based on practical skill, you will spend your entire time on the motorcycles during your two days on course. No classroom time! Once you have registered you will have access to the CTEC New Rider Training manual. This manual was specially designed and written by James McCarthy whose resume includes the creation of the NAIT Motorcycle Rider Training Course in 2003. James taught and developed the course from 2004 to 2009. Before 2003, James was associated with the Alberta Safety Council as Senior/Chief Instructor.

You will need:

  • Helmet - DOT/Snell Approved. Full-face, 3/4 shell, half shell, modular and motocross helmets are all acceptable if DOT, ECE and or Snell approved. "Beanie" styled helmets are not allowed on course regardless of rating.
  • Eye Protection - Sunglasses are acceptable. Helmets with visors are ideal.
  • Weather appropriate attire - Including a Jacket and denim pants as minimum acceptable riding protection. Motorcycle specific equipment is preferred but is not mandatory. Be prepared for all weather conditions as we ride, rain or shine.
  • Pants (Not Chaps) - Chaps are not ideal for rider training. Denim jeans are ideal. No shorts, Yoga pants or leggings of any style are allowed.
  • Gloves - Leather or motorcycle specific textile. Fingerless gloves are not acceptable. Gardening or fashion winter gloves are not recommended.
  • Boots - (Fashion shoes, steel toes or thick soled boots are not recommended). Sturdy running shoes or a light hiking boot are acceptable and are preferred for training. Thick soled "CAT/Harley Davidson style" boots or high heeled boots are not recommended for training.

CTEC is outfitted, on site, with Hemlets, Gloves, and Jackets that are available in all sizes at no additional charge for registered students. We can outfit most all shapes and sizes, so when you arrive on course we will make sure you are outfitted properly. Note: We cannot provide footwear.

Student Riding Gear Picture Student Riding Gear Picture Student Riding Gear Picture

If you have any question about the free riding gear available onsite, please contact our head instructor, James, via email (

Total Cost: $649.00 +GST


  • Two Full Days of On Motorcycle Training: We are certain that the best way to learn how to ride a motorycle is... on a motorcycle. We maximize the time spent on the motorycles, while not wasting time with in-class, sitdown, sessions.
  • Unlimited FREE Practice: Students are welcome to attend additional sessions for free-practice time during lunch-hour. No need to book, no addtional charges, just visit the course-site and continue working on your skills.
  • Actual ON-ROAD Training: During the two-day course, you will be able to experience riding a motorcycle not just with-in the confines of our training lot. We will take you on the road! So you can experience real traffic situations, first hand, under the guise of our experienced instructors.
  • FREE use of a Motorcycle for Testing: When the course is over and you're ready to take your license test, CTEC offers you the use of our motorcycles for your test, free of charge.
  • FREE use of GEAR for training: If you don't have the required gear to train with, CTEC has got you covered... literally. We have a selection of certified motorcycle gear, on site, for you to use while training, free of charge.
  • And much more...

For more information on any of the above items, please review our Frequently asked Questions section.

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Last Updated: January 18, 2016